All Four Cages! 3/15/14

Cage #1 (Codename Spatrick) is healthy with many oysters on each shell (look at the one on the top left with four on one shell!!!) it has the most oysters of any of the cages and is far enough from the silt on the bottom of the bay in order to survive and thrive! It has even become its own little habitat for many smaller creature that crawled out of the cages when I set them out to sun!


Cage #2 (Codename Shelley) is also healthy with the second most oysters, though they tend to prefer to grow within the cracks between the shells, making them harder to see. The growth of these oysters has caused some shells to be cemented together, making this the heaviest cage and the hardest one to pull up. Cages one and two are both on the more protected side of the dock.


Cage #3, (Codename Mishell) for lack of a better word, is dead. This is the cage that previously broke and many of the oysters fell into the silt below and therefore were choked. I was able to scoop them off of the bottom of the bay with a net and put them back in the cage, but they were open and soon became detached from their bottom shells, proving that they were dead. You can see the silt caked on them and that there are less than all the other cages. I do not think there are any live oysters left living in it.


Cage #4 (Codename Pearl) is also healthy but has the fewest oysters of the three healthy cages because it is on the more exposed side of the dock. Because of that, most of the oysters live within the cracks and it is hard to see them but it is very much so alive and also had small creatures crawl out of it when I set it out to sun.



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