About My Project

The Girl Scout Gold Award project is an 80 hour service project devoted to one principal goal that addresses a need in your community. It is similar to a Boy Scout Eagle Scout project (many call it the girl equivalent) and it is the highest award any Girl Scout can achieve. It is known to give girls advantages in colleges, careers, and beyond.
More information about the Girl Scout Gold Award in general can be found here: http://www.girlscouts.org/program/highest_awards/gold_award.asp

More specifically, my project aims to encourage bayside residents on the Chesapeake Bay, and more specifically young people my own age, to create their own oyster gardens. While gardening my oysters I am creating a video for the Cheaspeake Bay Foundation showing the step-by-step process I went through in order to care for my oysters such as receiving them, setting them up, caring for them, and returning them. This will assist other oyster gardeners by giving them a How-To guide on their oyster gardens, making the process easier and hopefully convincing many that they can participate. There will be four smaller videos:
1.) How to Build an Oyster Cage
2.) How to Tie Off Your Oysters at a Dock
3.) How to Clean Your Oysters Properly
4.) How the Oysters get Installed on an Oyster Reef
And one large video including all of the above along with my entire video diary of the complete experience.
My project has been in the works since March of 2013 and I received my oysters on September 14, 2013. My Project will hopefully be completed by July of 2014.

The Pearl Next Door (TPND) is a blog documenting my gardening experience and also serves as a database for anyone who needs assistance or information about oyster gardening. I hope to eventually have other oyster gardeners converse on it about different techniques and tricks to oyster gardening. My hope is that it makes oyster gardening seem as beautiful and rewarding as it really is.



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